Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is jacob's letter from June 16th

Dear Everyone,
Monday was a very good day. I was able to write a lot of friends and family some long letters and hope everyone in America had a great Sunday on my Monday. 
After email i went and was able to get my first Russian haircut. Elder Barney helped explain that i wanted 8 mm on the sides and finger length on top. After cutting and washing and cutting again and a few other weird things, my haircut looked pretty good and even normal. I was glad that my first experience has been good.
I was able to get everything done very smoothly on P-Day Monday and it was a very good day. I tried to pay for something on Monday because they wouldn't accept a larger bill that Elder Barney had. They looked at the money strange and gave it back. I was confused and it turns out that i had found a bunch of money in the apartment that was not in use. They had changed the coins so i was carrying around unaccepted money. Elder Barney was wondering where i had all the coins and said to keep them.
We went and had family home evening with at the Bryson's house on Monday. Elder Bryson talked about the three things that every new member needs that is from President Hinckley. A friend, a calling, and nourishment. He talked about how we all are new converts in a way and how we need to make sure we are receiving all of those as well.
After that we played a game called 4 people on a couch. Everyone thought it was so fun that we just kept playing until it was time to go. I think it was really fun time and good bonding for the ward members and investigator Sergei.
Monday night through Tuesday night i had my first exchange and it was with Elder Lyman. We had a good exchange through Tuesday and did the same things i normally would for the most part. It was good to hear his perspectives and to go and teach a member family i don't get to talk to a ton because they are not in my area.
We talked about patriarchal blessings with Artyom after English on Tuesday. It went super well. He is a great man in the ward and always fulfills his duties even though he is the only young man or priest in the branch.
We had a very good lesson with Sergei on Thursday. He read 3 nephi chapters 11-19 and gave a lesson about Christ. It was very good and he did an excellent job. He put a lot of work into it. 
Thursday was a super great day. We had several people stop us on the street and just thought we were great people. It was really good and we had some great opportunities. 
We had a great baptism with Lev and the lesson went very well. We committed Lev to baptism and he progressing so well. I thanked God for all our opportunities that day. It was really great and i asked for more and so that we can use our opportunities better. 
During district meeting we talked about planning, finding, and teaching. There were some really great things we are working to apply and that will really help us. I am so thankful for the great things that have happened this last week and i can see progress being made here in Ussurisk.
I am so thankful for the things that i have prayed for and received from God. It wasn't right away but eventually, in his time, i received what was needed here. I am thankful for opportunities and they should be used not taken for granted.
Friday was a great day. We had a baptism for a man named Volva. Elder Lyman baptized him and the baptismal service was good. We had several investigators come and say it was good and President Bryson and Sister Bryson came. We are glad to have a new member in our branch and on Sunday Volva was able to receive the Holy Ghost during sacrament meeting.
This week has been yet another great week here in Russia and we are working to achieve higher and higher goals by helping others receive the gospel. I still hope things are going well wherever you are at. -Elder Elwood

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