Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013

mom and dad The language is coming along. I am eating good and mostly from the leftovers bar but i have to scavenge the whole cafeteria. My companion and I get along great.
Jesi-Wow you write so much it is hard to respond. I have been getting a good amount of mail. Everyone is jealous. I get some duplicates from dear elder though. The snow was not fun but that's okay. It seems like the MTC won't open the field until after conference no matter what anyway. My companion is from Holladay by Salt Lake. His name is Elder Price and we are still getting along just fine. The elders sleep on preparation day and on Monday because that is the day we have service but the day of our service is actually wednesday to set up chairs. It doesn't take too long and we do it Wednesday so we were told we could use Monday service time as free time and do our service wednesday. The first investigator was good. We were supposed to teach and commit him to baptism but then we got new investigators so no one got to teach the lessons they prepared. The fundamentals are good and so is Preach My Gospel is too. There are lots of insights, i don't have time to list.. I pray every day and just about the language and small things throughout the day and my prayers are answered. I have general lesson plans, the english part is easy and the language is starting to come more and more.
Hyrum-How is school going? what else have you been up to?
Lyndsie-Thanks for the letter. My companion is from Holladay and thanks for the quote.
Everyone-I got my haircut last preparation day and it was interesting. When they are done, they put a pretty good powered vacuum to your head to get a lot of the hair. I read about some of the culture in one of our Russian study books and it was okay but so far i don't like it. Hopefully i can learn to adapt to it when i get there and love our differences even if i don't actually like it. My companion and I  have been getting alont really well and things have been going by faster. I am going to try and send some pictures of things we have done. Apparently i am still super funny. I try to come up with something every day to do. We have these things in our room called narnia holes which are empty hidden spaces (between dressers but inside the dresser for example) and you can put stuff in them. I got in one during one night and scared an elder who came in by moving the drawers in the dresser out from the inside. Yesterday i would pretend to know elders and they would say how long it's been since we've seen each other and pretended to know me. At the end, the Elder and i would have a good laugh but sometimes they wouldn't realize that i didn't really know them. Our teaching is going very well and we teach simple but powerful. A lot of the time i don't understand what the investigator says but we are able to communicate more effectively. Our last lesson went really well and I gave him a book of mormon (the investigators are our teachers). Right now we have two investigators-Olieg and Nikita. Sundays are very relaxing and spiritual days because it is the day of rest. We have the temple walk too which is refreshing to have some good air. We watched the testaments on sunday and it is fun to watch. I recommend it as a movie for HYRUM to watch on Sunday. I don't really have a lot more to say. Yesterday in the classroom next to us two elders were arguing and it was loud for our classroom to hear. I kept saying we should go tell them something but the sisters didn't want me too so we talked loud enough that we eventually couldn't hear them and to let them make notice we were there. Things are going great. I will try and send pictures now. -Elder Elwood

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elder Elwood's first letter

Hello family,
The MTC has been fine and I am doing very well and nothing has gone too bad or you probably would have heard something by now. Sleeping has been alright. I don't really sleep much but it doesn't bother me. Eating is fine but I don't really care to eat much or for the MTC food. The only thing I have really enjoyed are the giant strawberries. Classes have been going pretty well. Sometimes I don't understand everything but that doesn't bother me and I just keep learning what I can. Gym isn't that great because we can't really do anything and I don't like the Weight room much. I have been going and doing situps for 10 minutes then running to the other gym and then playing volleyball and that is working well so far. I can't wait till the field opens up so I can show my companions how to throw a disc since we aren't allowed to play Ultimate. My companion and I get along well. His birthday is April 25th so two days away. He sent his papers in the same time and we have a lot of fun together.
There is a free box in the residency we sleep at and I have been  going around getting things from all of them by the bathroom while the Elders sleep during free time. I have tons of unopened candy bars, treats and a few things like an adapter for the Russian plugs and different things that will be nice for my mission but there isn't a lot of time to eat extra treats.
We have been teaching our "Investigator" in Russian and things are going well. Our lessons are very short and simple so that we can speak the right things and so that he can understand but we can feel the spirit. The TALL program on the computer to learn the language is also great if everyone in the lab is on task. The temple was great today and relaxing. It was nice just to be there and participate with all of the other missionaries. Our devotionals have also been very good and we discuss them afterwards to give a lot of perspective about topics in the gospel. I feel like a lot of prayers have been answered as I have prayed for my companion and different things to prepare teaching the gospel in Russia.
We did a companion exchange yesterday so that two of the elders could go to choir. My exchange companion, Elder Nelson, got his tongue stuck to a creamsicle and couldn't get it off. Then he got it off and thought it was interesting so he turned it sideways so that the wide side of the popsicle was facing his tongue and put his whole tongue on it. He couldn't get it off so he had it on for about 5 minutes. Eventually he got it off and his tongue was bleeding and purple. We both couldn't stop laughing at why he decided to do that.
Love, Elder Elwood

Monday, March 11, 2013

Elder Elwood's addresses and information

Addresses: for the MTC time  He is serving in the Russia Vladivostok Mission

MTC mailing address:
Elder Jacob Andrew Elwood
MTC Mailbox #158
RUS-VLA 0515
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
United States

Field Address:
Elder Jacob Elwood
Russia Vladivostok Mission
UI. Mordovtseva 3, 4th Floor
Primorskiy Kray 690000

Jacob had his mission farewell yesterday and did an amazing job! He will enter the MTC on Wednesday and spend 9 weeks there. He will then head to the Russia Vladivostok Mission for 2 years!