Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elder Elwood's first letter

Hello family,
The MTC has been fine and I am doing very well and nothing has gone too bad or you probably would have heard something by now. Sleeping has been alright. I don't really sleep much but it doesn't bother me. Eating is fine but I don't really care to eat much or for the MTC food. The only thing I have really enjoyed are the giant strawberries. Classes have been going pretty well. Sometimes I don't understand everything but that doesn't bother me and I just keep learning what I can. Gym isn't that great because we can't really do anything and I don't like the Weight room much. I have been going and doing situps for 10 minutes then running to the other gym and then playing volleyball and that is working well so far. I can't wait till the field opens up so I can show my companions how to throw a disc since we aren't allowed to play Ultimate. My companion and I get along well. His birthday is April 25th so two days away. He sent his papers in the same time and we have a lot of fun together.
There is a free box in the residency we sleep at and I have been  going around getting things from all of them by the bathroom while the Elders sleep during free time. I have tons of unopened candy bars, treats and a few things like an adapter for the Russian plugs and different things that will be nice for my mission but there isn't a lot of time to eat extra treats.
We have been teaching our "Investigator" in Russian and things are going well. Our lessons are very short and simple so that we can speak the right things and so that he can understand but we can feel the spirit. The TALL program on the computer to learn the language is also great if everyone in the lab is on task. The temple was great today and relaxing. It was nice just to be there and participate with all of the other missionaries. Our devotionals have also been very good and we discuss them afterwards to give a lot of perspective about topics in the gospel. I feel like a lot of prayers have been answered as I have prayed for my companion and different things to prepare teaching the gospel in Russia.
We did a companion exchange yesterday so that two of the elders could go to choir. My exchange companion, Elder Nelson, got his tongue stuck to a creamsicle and couldn't get it off. Then he got it off and thought it was interesting so he turned it sideways so that the wide side of the popsicle was facing his tongue and put his whole tongue on it. He couldn't get it off so he had it on for about 5 minutes. Eventually he got it off and his tongue was bleeding and purple. We both couldn't stop laughing at why he decided to do that.
Love, Elder Elwood

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