Tuesday, July 16, 2013

jacob's letter

On Monday Elder Barney and I went to the Chinese market. I found a nice lighter jacket but still really warm and got it for $68.75. It will probably work great as a winter jacket in Utah. Elder Barney has the same jacket but it is grey and he spent around $80 on his. I really like mine and am excited to wear it. I bartered with the lady and pretended to want another one and then brought the price down after she said she wouldn't go lower than $80. 
We went to family night and we had a lot of fun with the members. We played the hide the pen game and i have been lucky to find it in the room very fast every time. It was great to have different missionaries with us that haven't been to this area (Elder Crave and Sister Morgan) and it helped with the members.
A lady named Zeenaeeda needed help with her garden while the sisters were gone for a couple days on transfers so we went and helped her on Wednesday. Her garden just outside of the city. We rode a bus and then walked to her garden. We found out really fast that we were paying for her bus ride when she walked right off the bus without paying and the bus driver and us were both really confused. 
We went and dug out a bunch of weeds and planted potatoes for her. The area was very pretty to look at.
We headed back and cleaned up and our landlord was ready to meet soon. I had done a little cleaning during dinner to make the apartment look nice. The landlord came he collected our money and said that he wanted to bring someone into our apartment because he wants to sell it. The people had left so they didn't look that night but we might have to look for a new apartment soon or we will have a new landlord i am not sure. 
English was quite interesting on Thursday. We had a man show up with another man who has been coming every week for the last few weeks. The man came and he was older and he was very fun to have there.
The man's name was Valyera. He asked my name and i told him and then showed him. He told me that it must be Russian then he asked if i was Russian and i told him no but he said it sounded very Russian (we are speaking in English). He also couldn't comprehend why we were called elder in Russian. Throughout English he kept telling me how my name was really great and similar to his then he said, "How can you not be Russian? Why are your eyes so dark? You are Russian!" I told him i was just fine with that. There was some really funny things said throughout English. The man talked about how Russia will be the 51st state and i told him it would make a great new state. I also told him he was 28 every time he said he was old and he liked that as well. For some reason he was talking about money for a little while and kept handing me bills. We talked about food and it went silent for a minute and he said "I love BBQ!" and everyone busted up laughing. The whole time he kept leaning over and asking me things so it was funny. 
We invited the man back. He is a librarian and knows a lot about his history. He said we were very friendly and there were lots of hilarious things that he talked about. 
We went to Country Pizza after English because it is the 4th of July and Alex wanted us to come and we were hoping to get his number so we can get a new investigator. We got there and the restaurant was full. Alex was wearing a really funny costume that we got a picture with.
Our waitress spoke some English because Alex told her to talk to us. He came over and made sure she was speaking English as well. She spoke alright and she was really proud of it. At the end she tried to ask us if we liked it and said would you like the pizza house. It was really funny and it took us a minute to understand her. We gave her an English card and gave Alex a bunch for his friends when we walked out. 
Alex gave us some red, white, and blue balloons as we went out. There was a man trying to sing these English songs that are old and i have never heard of in the restaurant. Alex brought us two huge waters at the beginning and said, "two huge waters" then he smiled and said, "on the rocks." On the other days we had a lot of missionary things like planning, church, the usual things, etc. 
Well that's about all for this week. Hope you all had a great 4th of July! -Elder Elwood

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