Wednesday, April 24, 2013

switching desks with the sisters

Last week on p day, we got everything done pretty fast and went to the temple. The temple was fast too. We do all the different things we can while we are there each week. We enjoy the peace that comes from attending. I started writing letters to the elders in our district for when we leave the mtc. I wrote a few of the elder's girlfriends because they wanted me to and then a couple more got excited when they read the letters and thought they were funny so now i just started writing a few of them. I tried to match their writing styles and personalities so they could connect. The elders really like what i write and think it is hilarious so it makes me feel good to see them like that.
The teacher fell for our joke with elder price in the boot and crutches. It was funny. He had everyone write him a letter and we were fake crying. He said he was so proud of the district and no one has ever gotten him. His dad said he had it coming for so long. We decided we won't play too many jokes and keep them on the down low but it was fun.
I have been preparing lessons in russian for each sunday. I haven't talked yet but i am sure i might before i leave. We have been called as portal masters which just means we show the new districts really quick how to use the computers but it is good to meet the new districts coming in today. We have a lot going to our mission even though we don't have a ton at the moment. Our mission is the biggest in the world. There is a map you can look at, at the mtc that shows the mission areas.
Our companionship has been getting stronger. We have been teaching some really good lessons and relying on each other. We have been doing some roleplays that have helped a lot to tell us about the lesson beforehand. He even suggested we wake up early and go running each morning which is funny because i was thinking that might be good. He loooovvvveesss sleep so i was surprised he suggested it. I am always up earlier and laying in bed so it is nice to go running. One of the other elders likes it so it is good to do it in the morning but very cold.
We have been working hard and staying on task. Things have just been going really well. I've been praying but the thing that helps with praying is reading the scriptures, pondering, and working for the things i pray for. I pray to know my weaknesses, for strength to overcome, for the spirit, for an open heart and mind, for interpretation and gift of tongues, for my companion, for other people specifically, for knowledge, etc.
We have been teaching our investigators about the big picture of things so that they know why it is important to take the first steps and that they have that desire. It has been good teaching and learning through the spirit.
Sundays have been nice. Here is another funny story of the week. I put my feet on sister picketts chair when she is gone sometimes. She always teases me about it and gets after me for it so i left her a note on sunday. "Dear sister pickett, i am sorry for putting my feet on your chair. I got you a new desk. -elder elwood" then on her companions desk "dear sister white, i hope you don't mind but i switched your desk with your companion -elder elwood" They both told me later that it was so funny but they also thought "that sneaky turkey! It would be funny to get him back. Oh (sister white) let's switch his desk with yours!" this is where it gets better. They pick up my stuff off my desk to switch it. Then they find another note on my desk. "If you would like to switch with my desk then that would be fine(: -elder elwood" they said they died laughing and wondered how i knew they would do that.
The devotionals have been good. There was a choir and a few other speakers. It is just really spiritual and good. I learn about different things each time but a lot of the time it is a confirmation of testimony. The movies on sundays have been really good too. It has just been really spiritual around here all the time. I have been working on my russian cursive, grammar, speaking, etc.
I found a bunch of stuff in the free box again and there was some party stuff that will be fun for elder price's birthday. I think it will be good with what we have. Good luck to everyone! -elder elwood

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