Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MTC tag can be a Kazoo!

I have randomly figured out how to play my name tag like a kazoo by turning it sideways. I suggested that our district play some sports together this week. We played basketball one day and i heard it was fun but there are limitations on amount of people who play so i didn't end up playing. The other day we played Volleyball together and it was a lot of fun. One of the days this last week, I didn't even want gym time. I was so tired of being inside playing the same sports that are kind of fun but that i don't want to play that much. Sometimes gym time drags on for me but i practice frisbee throws a little bit.
We had an interview for our companionship on Sunday. It went well. We had 3 minutes to teach the restoration and set up a new appointment with our fake investigator. During sacrament meeting i wasn't called to speak but i had a talk prepared in russian. If Hyrum ever has complaints about giving a talk then tell him to give it in russian and i can help him out. We will probably talk next week since we haven't had a calling or done anything yet. Otherwise i think we will get called as portal masters or something.
During our temple walk we ran into our teacher Brother Wells and his room mates. He came up to walk around and didn't think we would be up there at that time. None of the elders believed me that he was up there but they followed me and the sisters were jealous we got to see him in casual clothes. The devotional on Sunday was super good. We had a man that is the head media of the church for missionary work. He showed us pictures of advertising in New York and London and how they advertised. You might look it up. It is very cool and i didn't know the church was doing so many amazing things in that way. Afterwards, we watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was very good and i especially liked the dancing. It was super spiritual to watch again.
I also had an experience in a district discussion. The sisters were teaching about prayer from a lesson they heard in relief society and sister Baum randomly said that i seemed like i had some really good thoughts to share and asked me to share. I gave a long spill about prayer and how i pray and it was really amazing to us all.
Today we are going to try and make mormon message videos on our cameras. I was thinking the other day and thought it would be a funny idea so we are going to attempt it later. Some elders locked themselves out of their room yesterday after gym when they went to shower. We had to help them open the door using a vacuum and some floss. They were in their towels for a half hour and the fire alarm went off. They almost had to go outside in their towels but the fire alarm went off a minute later. I also found a leg boot/cast in the free box yesterday. We decided to play a trick on the sisters and one of our teachers (for his trick he tried to play one day) and so i let Elder Price put the boot on and we borrowed some crutches. We pretended that we went to the hospital after he hurt his leg during basketball. This is also when we went to a separate building for tall and ran into Jesica. It took a minute to realize it was her because there weren't classes going on and so i didn't think she would be around and i don't expect to see family.
The devotional was great last night as well. We talked to the sisters beforehand and they felt really bad for Elder Price to the point that one of them was crying so he had to tell them after the devotional because he felt bad. As for the devotional, Elder Scott showed up as a surprise. His voice was very soft and sweet and he has a strong love for people and the gospel. He gave a good talk about prayer and our district discussion was super spiritual afterwards. Love, Elder Elwood


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